SecureKey Concierge provides utility providers with convenient, strong, and secure solutions for authenticating customers and making the most of your trusted credential, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Create a Foundation of Trust

To ensure your online services reaches their full potential, they require an authentication framework with flexible authentication levels to minimize friction while ensuring appropriate security. SecureKey Concierge enables utility providers to create a strong foundation for online services.

Eliminate Forgotten Passwords

SecureKey eliminates password frustration by enabling consumers to conveniently and securely access online services including utility billing services, electricity, water and sewer service requests, and more.

Delivered through a secure cloud service, SecureKey Concierge grants users access to critical online utility services via their familiar online banking credential, eliminating the need to create yet another user ID and password. While using their trusted credential from a Sign-In Partner to access online services, SecureKey Concierge ensures that no passwords or personal information (name, date of birth, etc.) are shared or exchanged.

SecureKey empowers your customers with easy, secure and convenient access to online services they want and need using their familiar and trusted online banking user ID and password.

Trusted Sign-in Partners