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Did you know ... you can access over 80 Canadian online government services with your bank credentials?

Case Studies

Government of Canada Case Study

Learn how SecureKey Technologies' online authentication solution enabled choice and convenience for online users, freeing them from needing yet another credential and another password for Government of Canada sites.


2017 – Did You Know? 6 Things Every Consumer Should Know about Securing Their Online Identity

We're living in the age of the data breach. Yet, most of us have never really thought about what a stolen identity might mean. Here are some important things to know about your online privacy, the risk of dealing with cybercrime and how to protect your digital identity.

SecureKey BYOC 5 Key Questions

The bring-your-own-credential (BYOC) approach to identity management has seen early success across several social networks and online applications. But before deploying this promising tactic in more sensitive settings, government, healthcare and financial service organizations will naturally need a few questions answered.

2016 – Six Things Every Consumer Should Know About Securing Their Online Identity

In a world where online identity theft has become more common than traditional theft, it’s more important than ever to know how to protect yourself in the cyber world. As part of SecureKey’s “Did You Know?” series, this infographic captures several eye-opening facts about data breaches and identity theft, and offers best practices for securely accessing online services.

Trust Framework

Trust Framework – SecureKey Concierge in Canada

The SecureKey Concierge™ service is powered by a Trust Framework that enhances the security of online authentication transactions between Users and Relying Parties (RPs) through a network of trusted Credential Providers (CPs)

Webinars & Videos

Embracing a Federated Consumer Identity Model to Increase Security & User Trust

Our digital identities are critical elements to our lives. Yet, most users today are managing more and more identities, with no end in sight.

Banking 2020: mCommerce, Virtual Money, and Privacy. Are you ready?

In the year 2020, trends that are hot today, such as mCommerce, virtual money and privacy will be commonplace. These disruptive topics and technologies should be examined and considered when building a digital strategy. Organizations that choose to ignore them, might find themselves behind the curve.

SecureKey Concierge Overview

It happens all the time. You go to log in to an online service, but forget your username and password. It’s frustrating and unfortunately, you’re not alone, as World Economic Forum estimates the average person has more than 130 online ID’s and passwords.


The ARPU of Identity

This whitepaper reviews how and why telcos can and should play a stronger role in the identity industry, and provides a financial model for how various aspects of identity management can contribute to ARPU.

Economics of Identity

‘Digital identity’ is becoming increasingly important to consumers in their daily lives. Coping with a growing number of usernames and passwords is a burden that deters customers from transacting digitally. The cost of maintaining accurate personal data for customers and protecting it from cyber criminals is a concern for organisations and regulators.