SecureKey Concierge solves many challenges the healthcare industry. SecureKey Concierge solves tomorrow’s compliance and security risks by providing convenient, strong solutions for authenticating online consumers and making the most of your trusted credentials.

Reduce Security Risks and Exceed Regulatory Obligations with Healthcare Authentication by SecureKey

Healthcare organizations are tasked with granting access to critical information for both their partners and customers. With pressure from regulatory bodies and the overall threat landscape, healthcare providers have a unique challenge. SecureKey Concierge provides a federated authentication services platform that allows healthcare organizations to meet a number of security and regulatory requirements

Leverage the Cloud with Identity & Authentication Solutions

From cost savings, security enhancements to rapid deployment, the cloud offers healthcare providers an unprecedented delivery platform for identity and authentication services. SecureKey Concierge allows healthcare providers to leverage the cloud for to enhance security, privacy, and convenience.

Eliminate Usability & Security Issues with Passwords

Complex passwords are frustrating for end users. And entering those same passwords on mobile devices  furthermore increases frustration. To make matters worse, passwords are subject to a number of cyberattacks. Simply put, they are just too risky in the world of health data and patient information.

SecureKey empowers your customers with easy, secure and convenient access to online services they want and need using their familiar and trusted online banking user ID and password.

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