If your customers have issues authenticating to your service, you risk user adoption, decreased satisfaction and damage to your brand. SecureKey Concierge offers convenient, strong solutions for authenticating customers and strengthening your employee e-service program for access to electronic paystubs, employee perks, benefit programs, and more.

Password Protection

Attackers know that employee program providers contain plentiful value, and gaining access to customer credentials can be catastrophic for service providers and consumers. Unlike enterprise-built authentication solutions for employee service providers, SecureKey Concierge empowers consumers to access online services they want and need using their familiar and trusted online banking user ID and password.

The Cloud Advantage

From cost savings, security enhancements to rapid deployment, the cloud offers an unprecedented delivery platform for identity and authentication services. SecureKey Concierge allows employee service providers to leverage the cloud to enhance security, privacy, and convenience.

For online services, SecureKey Concierge is convenient for consumers and alleviates risk by eliminating the use of passwords and personal information to log in. The average consumer has more than 130 user IDs and passwords … don’t be one of them.

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