SecureKey Concierge provides you with access to many critical online services, such as Service Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and other online federal services, using an approved digital credential you know and trust (e.g. a bank login).

Start using SecureKey Concierge today and experience what millions of Canadians already know: not having to create a new account or remember yet another password for every online service! Not only that, the platform does not store any personally identifying information, and you can rest assured that your trusted credential is never shared with the sites using this service.

Fast Facts to Get You Started:


Government of Canada Services

Access over 80 Canadian online government services with your bank credentials:

  • View your tax details online with the CRA;
  • Access your RRSP information;
  • Check your Old Age Security (OAS) Benefits;
  • Access your Canada Pension Plan (CPP); and
  • Much, much more


  • Many people use the same password for multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to fraud, identity theft and other cybercrime. Using a trusted online credential is a safe and secure way to access your government services.
  • Over half (66 per cent) of Canadians forget passwords for websites they don’t visit regularly.
  • Three-quarters of Canadians use duplicate passwords – many of which have not been changed in five years or more. Canadians recognize bank log-ins are unique, are motivated to protect their login details and are quick to recover when they lose access.




  • SecureKey Concierge doesn’t store any personally identifying information, and ensures that none of your banking information is ever shared between the bank and the online services you are accessing.
  • Our platform uses unique, triple-blind privacy to respect your privacy when accessing online services
  • SecureKey is a Privacy by Design Ambassador. Privacy by Design is a global community recognizing and celebrating the important achievements of both individuals and organizations in developing and implementing privacy solutions.


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