Simple. Convenient. Secure.

The privacy-enhancing SecureKey Concierge Service™ is a next generation authentication network for conveniently connecting people to critical online services using their secure banking credentials they already have and trust.

icon-lockSecureKey Concierge is Secure

Our trusted Sign-In Partners – including some of the largest financial institutions in Canada – maintain industry-leading solutions to help protect you against fraud and identity theft.

icon-privacyWe respect your privacy

No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged. Your Sign-In Partner won’t know which government service you’re accessing and the government won’t know which Sign-In Partner you’re using.

icon-worksHow does it work?

SecureKey Concierge is Simple, Convenient, and Secure. When visiting a government services website that offers SecureKey Concierge, select the “Sign-In Partner Login” option. Choose your bank and login as usual.

Look for the SecureKey Concierge “Sign-In Partner Login” option whenever you sign in to your favourite Government of Canada service.

View your tax information and returns, apply for the Child Tax Benefit, review your TFSA transaction details, check your RRSP account and see your CPP statement … all using the same bank log-in you know and trust. Best of all, it’s free!

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